Other Distractions

As you can see, I have a shot attention span. Here are a few of the other things about me that might interest one person.

  • I helped some friends over at www.happytails.asia to design their namecard and website in exchange for a cut of the profits.
  • I part-time barista-ed for some other friends at Mojo Cafe in Jaya One, which has sadly closed down since.
  • I used to run a crowdsourced greeting card business that sold user-created environmentally friendly greeting cards at www.foldees.com. Sadly, this has also closed down
  • I started an opinion fun site with my mates Kez and Steven called Polaritise.com. Also closed.
  • I’m a certified PADI rescue diver. I hope to soon add diving lessons to my list of offerings once i complete my diving instructor course. Still open this one!
  • I used to play in a band called Superbar. Yea we were on radio. I can still sing though… We also still have CDs of our EP going at RM10 a pop.
  • I have done stand-up comedy twice. Trust me, Russell Peters is NOT overpaid.
  • I love go karting and will go with almost anyone (whether people invite me is another matter).
  • I watch Starcraft II replays fervently in my free time on Youtube, and play with friends online. It is one of the best forms of spectator sport out there. Seriously.