Having been in the industry since 2002, my voice has evolved from young and peppy to a warmer, friendlier tone that isn’t always as hurried as it was 10 years ago.

Over the years, my voice has been used to represent McDonalds Breakfast menus, KFC value Meals, Telco promotions, and just about every major brand out there. You can check out my extensive YouTube playlist here!

I’ve also done dubbing for a wide range of characters in BM and English for animations and children’s programs. My claim to fame is as CHIP, the brown lump that represents the CHIPSMORE brand to kids everywhere! I’ve also recorded the voice of a cowboy in the BM version of Xiaolin Showdown.

I’m fluent in English, and as an announcer for Malay, although my Malay characters can have odd bouts of Chinese tourettes (and as such most clients cast me appropriately enough as a Chinaman speaking Malay)

For rates, I follow The Voice Guild of Malaysia’s rates, for which I’m a proud member and former executive committee member of.

Contact me at chakster@gmail.com or 0123089322 for more info!


Digi CNY08 – A rather funny CNY ad that went viral for DiGi in 2008. Yes I can do Annoying.

 Golden Palm Tree Resort Christmas – Me playing Santa. Santarina is played by my good friend April Kuan.

 Motor Trader Magazine F1 Contest 2012 – My best impersonation of an F1 car.

 Viper Challenge 2013 – Great banter with midget VO Steven Bones.

 The Curve Mega Sale Contest 2012 – Protection from who? Ze Germans?




And here’s a link to my YouTube channel with the rest of my VO samples, updated every so often.

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